We were so excited to hear that the Red Hook Crit would be coming to London for the first time. We had all already gotten hooked on the idea of crit racing after watching numerous RHC videos and seeing the fixed gear race at the London Nocturne last year, but on hearing the famous Red Hook Crit would be coming to London, we jumped at the chance and began training. Ben, Brett, Charles. Lina and our newest team rider Owen Blandy would be competing in the event.


The women’s heat only had 39 competitors, so regardless of your qualifying position, you were going hrough to the next round. What the heat was going to determine though was your position on the grid for the final race. The women’s qualifier started just after 1pm and by this time was probably one of the hottest parts of the day according to our female rider Lina, who is more used to evening and early morning training. None the less she powered through and despite encountering some red flags and stoppages during her session, she still managed to finish with a respectable time at the end, coming 31st out of her group!


Ben, Brett, Charles and Owen were in qualifying group 3 so had some time to wait until they were due to race. Everyone passed the time by staying warm on the rollers, eating some grub and most importantly cheering on our friends in the other qualifying groups! We were all really chuffed to be able to watch our friends pelt it round a circuit and they all did incredibly well, especially considering for many of them, it was also their first crits.

The boys were up! They had discussed tactics beforehand but with the unpredictable nature of the race, these had to be modified. After pacing across the start line and setting off on a hot lap, they only made it to the 3rd corner before it was red flagged due to a crash somewhere else on the course. The guys didn’t have much luck as it seemed with every flying lap they went for there was another crash and the race was neutralised…and restarted twice. This seemed to be apparent in quite a few of the groups on the day, which is a shame as some people didn’t get to show their full potential. But this is what RHC is after all and anything can happen so we all had the make the most of it! Overall in our qualifying group Ben qualified 35th , Charles 33rd and Brett 26th which would’ve been enough to put him through to the last chance race but sadly it was cancelled as there was not enough time. Owen had a had a quite spectacular crash into some hay bales due to his cleat unclipping at turn 2. Afterwards he was fine and now with extra determination sprung back to qualify 11th in our group, enough to put him through to the final race!


The women’s main race started off FAST, with the lead girl out of qualifying being faster then almost a hundred guys from the men’s qualifier! Lina held her place in the final for 14 laps before she had to pull out, despite getting a stitch on mile five of the course. But what a 14 laps they were. She had a little help along the way from friends, one being Emma from Velociposse who made sure she was always at her wheel and just helped her push through those few more laps. There were a lot of other UK women riders taking part and they all performed outstandingly!


Although this was his first fixed gear criterium, Owen is no stranger to competing, having taken part in a number of road races and even some triathlons in the past. The mens race was finally up, and having qualified 85th overall he had some catching up to do to keep in the race. As it started he found a solid position behind Marlon Sandford – winner of his qualifying round – who was in a good group and stuck with them until he started picking up the pace. Before we knew it Owen was on the attack and actually overtaking riders on the corners gaining on the top groups! There was one hairy moment with another rider where they clashed wheels causing the other rider to crash into a barrier, but he was fine and the two made friends after finishing the race. Overall Owen finished 55th having gained 23 spaces in total! Also, big ups to our good friend Alec Briggs who held pole position for 11 laps and eventually finished in 13th place.


Everyone from East London Fixed had such an amazing day at RHC London.The atmosphere was phenomenal and it was truly a great way to bond with the entire cycling community that showed up. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, even if we all lost our voices from screaming encouragement to our fellow riders.

We would like to say a huge thanks firstly to David Trimble for bringing this iconic race to London, but also a massive thanks to Le Coq Sportif and to Oakley for providing us with incredible kit and for supporting our team. Also to James Nicholson for being our photographer for the day, cheers bro!



Friday was the finalé of our N.S.E Series, a checkpoint race starting in Stratford and spreading out to Leyton and Hackney. Between ourselves and some very kind volunteers we manned 7 checkpoints starting at the Aquatics Centre, then New Spitalfields Market, Leyton Station, the Orbit, The Crown Pub by Victoria Park, Lee Valley Velodrome and finishing at Crate Brewery.

We rode out from our usual spot opposite Brick Lane Bikes along to Marshgate Lane for the start of the race.

T5472x3648-00551 T5472x3648-00569 T5472x3648-00562 T5472x3648-00556 T5472x3648-00574

To keep things traditional, all of the checkpoints were kept secret but the riders were told to learn the area and its landmarks. After explaining the rules, Jevi threw a stack of checkpoint slips in the air with the first destination and the riders were off down a long blast through two underpasses and into the Olympic Park.

T5472x3648-00577 T5472x3648-00582 T5472x3648-00583T5472x3648-00599T5472x3648-00605

Megan and Tara were at the Aquatics Centre to meet the riders first, then they were at New Spitalfields Market in no time. Marigold and Lina eagerly awaited their arrival with everyone come in one after another. By this point Francis and Aaron were in the lead with Dimi, Will and Ted not far behind.

T5472x3648-00629  T5472x3648-00640T5472x3648-00651 T5472x3648-00655T5472x3648-00659

Ben was ready to meet the racers as they came up to Leyton station but we later found out Aaron, Francis and Will had misread the checkpoint ticket and headed up to Leytonstone instead. Ready next to the Orbit were Brett and Rupert.

T5472x3648-00672 T5472x3648-00665 T5472x3648-00668 T5472x3648-00671

Victoria Park threw a curve ball, especially as it was Lovebox weekend so the roundabout where Rob and Jonny were waiting was full of hammered revellers, with twisted eyes. The first six came in fast as there was no traffic in the area. Then they headed back into the Olympic Park to Lee Valley and meeting Jack, Emanuel, Amber and Liam. Back at the final stop by Crate Brewery we were waiting on the bridge and saw riders come in fast for the final sprint with Dimi taking the win, Matt Johns in second and Tom Robinson in third. Grinding in in a close fourth was Mr Sean on twin punctures and Kamal came in fifth place.

T5472x3648-00684 T5472x3648-00694 T5472x3648-00700 T5472x3648-00702 T5472x3648-00679T5472x3648-00709

In a real turn of events we had a two way tie for second place between Dimi and Matt, and a three way tie for first between Mr Sean, Tom and Kamal. We decided the only way to decide the winner was with a classic trackstanding contest.

T5472x3648-00754 T5472x3648-00756 T5472x3648-00764 T5472x3648-00766 T5472x3648-00767

Dimi was able to hold out no handed and won 4th place overall with Matt coming in 5th. Next up was a face off between Tom, Kamal and Mr Sean, having to borrow Ben’s bike thanks to his shredded tyres).

T5472x3648-00775 T5472x3648-00785T5472x3648-00793

Retaining his crown from our second event’s trackstanding contest, Kamal came through victorious and took the series win with Mr Sean in 2nd place and Tom Robinson in 3rd.

We had a great prize fund for the event series finalé. We would like to say a huge thanks to our good friends at Brick Lane Bikes, Le Coq Sportif and Oakley for helping make the last three months all the more rewarding for everyone who competed.

T5472x3648-00743 T5472x3648-00739 T5472x3648-00746 T5472x3648-00753 T5472x3648-00769

5th place: Matthew JohnsT5472x3648-00797

4th place: Dimi DemishevT5472x3648-00803

3rd place: Tom RobinsonT5472x3648-00807

2nd place: Mr SeanT5472x3648-00810

1st place: Kamal BalgobinT5472x3648-00822T5472x3648-00830

Once again we’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who has made these last three months an absolute joy. It’s been so much fun riding and partying with a great community of riders. We hope you’ve all enjoyed the races and competitions and will be back again soon for our future rides and events.



Photos by @charlesreza




Oakley’s Jawbreaker media ride


Recently we have been working with Oakley for their new pop up store in Exmouth Market, The Workshop.

The workshop is an amazing social space Oakley have developed, they hold events, run workshops and it’s generally a place just to go grab a coffee and hang out with some friends.

As well as organising social rides for Oakley, we were also asked to host a media ride for the launch of their new sunglasses, The Jawbreaker.

Oakley World Press Tour High Res Update-11

The ride we were asked to design would consist of leading a group of 30 people on a London city tour covering as many sights we could along the way.

Immediately the first concern we had with this was, how we were going to lead a group of 30 people through central London on a busy weekday morning.

We got planning a route that would not only be safe, fun and include all the major sights we wanted people to see but we also had to take into consideration travelling through town on a busy Thursday morning and getting trapped in rush hour traffic.

After a couple of pre-runs, we had a banging route planned out and we were excited to lead everyone through it!

Not quite sure who we’d be leading the ride for, we turned up on the day expecting a group of experienced cyclists and some journalists, we weren’t completely wrong.


Oakley Global Press Trip Day 2 Hi Res -34

We had a mixed group of experienced cyclists and journos, to some people who had barely ridden a bike in their lives! But we also had some familiar faces in the crowd with people from Rolling Stone Mag, GQ and The Radavist!

We were excited to get started and after we had everybody fitted up with their own bike, kitted up and sporting a pair of the new Jawbreaker, we were off!


The ride went down without a hitch, mostly. Inevitability we hit some traffic, but with a bit of ingenuity and a pair of balls, we stopped traffic to get everyone through busy spots safely.

Overall we had an amazing day and got to ride with some awesome people!


We’re all really happy with the pair of The Jawbreakers we have been given, they’re a sweet piece of gear and most of us seem lost riding on a sunny day without them. If you have the funds to buy them, we’d recommend it. Or it’s definitely something to put on the wish list.

The Workshop itself is going to be open through to August, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s definitely worth a visit.

We’re going to be carrying on leading some rides for Oakley throughout the summer so make sure you keep up to date with our social media and find out when they’re going to be.

For the time being, here’s some more pictures from the media ride and others from the time we’ve spent with Oakley so far.

P1080888 P1080886 P1080879 P1080877 P1080873 Oakley Fixed Ride (23rd May) HR Shot21 Intermediate Ride-40 Oakley World Press Tour High Res Update-2 Intermediate Ride-43(1) Intermediate Ride-49(1) Oakley Global Press Trip Day 2 Hi Res -35 Intermediate Ride-13



On Friday we hosted the second in our N.S.E Series competitions which was a trick night made up of three events. The tone was set for a bit more of a relaxed evening after the heavy hill climbs last month. It was great to see a number of new faces along for the night.

IMG_0391 IMG_0415 IMG_0413 IMG_0412 IMG_0404 IMG_0402 IMG_0399 IMG_0392IMG_0408IMG_0409

We had a nice casual ride out to Cutty Sark enjoying the perfect weather and the beers started to flow. Jevi would be the MC for the evening announcing our competitions: Track standing, best trick and kick the can. Track standing was up first and it ended up being a close contest between Levi, Tom and Kamal. As it got down to no handed and one footed, the pressure got too much and two toppled leaving Kamal the winner.

IMG_0427 IMG_0431 IMG_0432 IMG_0437 IMG_0444 IMG_0445

Next up was the best trick contest judged by our esteemed panel; Ben, Jack, Rob and Brett. Each judge had score cards and any trick was allowed measured on skill, execution and danger. This led to quite a range of attempts from different riders including Levi’s epic leaps of faith, Mr Sean’s no retention skids and tricks, Kamal’s foot through skids and Tom’s ball breakers.

IMG_0459 IMG_0470 IMG_0476 IMG_0483 IMG_0486 IMG_0488 IMG_0501 IMG_0497 IMG_0510Levi-2 Tom Levi

Finally we pushed the boat out and had a 7 man kick the can (and lucozade bottle) contest. It was a nail biting face off as everyone kept diving in and no clear winner was certain. Things soon spilled off the flat and down the stairs with Jevi occasionally restarting the cans and running off with it. Amidst the carnage, Tom was able to claim victory and get his 15 kicks.

IMG_0529 IMG_0532 IMG_0554 IMG_0558IMG_0567 IMG_0561

The results are in with Kamal getting top points for the Trick Contest. This means the overall scores are getting tight with Andrea Vasello and Kamal are tied with 10 points each going into the final event. With 8 points are Mr Sean, Andrew Warby and Levi. 6 points to Will Phillips and Tom Robinson and 2 points to Aaron Wilkins and Matthew Johns.



Thanks again to everyone who made it along, it was a very memorable night. Be sure to make it along to our final event on Friday July 17th which will be a checkpoint race.


Photo cred @charlesreza




Eastlondonfixed X Oakley: Track Beginners Ride.

This saturday is our track bike beginners session for Oakley​ #inresidence leaving from the workshop in Exmouth Market.
You can’t miss it!!

So put your straps on, its fixed gear time. Look forward to a relaxed ride with a chance to show off your track stand skills or grab a few tips and tricks. Be sure to sign up here:



Friday was the first in our series of events for the N.S.E Series, kicking things off with two big hill climbs in North London. We were so stoked to see riders who had travelled from Bournemouth (Velo Sur Mer) and Southampton as well as all around London. As more and more people turned up the hype was building and we soon led the mini mass of riders out towards Swaine’s Lane for the first climb.



After briefing all the riders on the points system and how the race would be held we began setting people off. The sprint would be from the corner of Highgate Cemetery, to the top of Swaine’s Lane. The one way street begins with a 12% gradient and then ramps up to 18% half way up so competition was fierce… so much so that a number of riders had to unclip and walk, and one threw up before clipping back in and finishing the climb (props to Tom Robinson!).


We then set off to Alexandra Palace where we had set the climb up a shallower but much longer hill. After the punishment of Swaine’s Lane, this second race would bunch more riders together and be a much faster pace especially along the long flat before the final sweeping climb. Unfortunately we hadn’t planned for a Prodigy gig on the same night so the road was pretty busy with cars but we sent riders off in groups and pulled back the finish line to a safer and less congested position.


Luckily the onset of rain dampened nobody’s spirits and everyone completed the race. Each competitor also received a much appreciated EastLondonFixed Ass Saver to make the return ride that bit more comfortable. We hope everyone had a great evening, the standard of racing was really high and we saw many new faces.

Here are the results after the first event:


Thanks again to everyone who made it along. The next event will take place on June 19th and will be a trick contest including a “best trick” category, “kick the can” and trackstanding competitions. We look forward to seeing you then

Eastlondonfixed X Oakley: Road Beginners Ride Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our first road bike ride for Oakley The Workshop: #inresidence and we would love to see you come along.

The tour of London, an idyllic ride through some of London’s favorite spots. Good for those looking for a nice slow ride and a chance to take in the views.

There is a 25 person cap to keep everything in control, so come by at 10:00am to meet up and have some coffee then leave around 11:00pm on a round trip ending back up at The Workshop 37-39 Exmouth Market. Should be a toot!

(Helmets compulsory)

Located in Exmouth Market EC1. Go check it out!

Located in Exmouth Market EC1. Go check it out!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We’ve now finished finalising the route for tomorrow’s first event. You can follow the route on Strava at

We’re going to be meeting opposite Brick Lane Bikes at 7 and riding out at 7.30. The first stop will be Swaine’s Lane where we will be sending riders up a vicious hill climb. Points and rules will be explained on the evening. Then we will be heading towards Alexandra Palace where the second hill sprint will take place and later riding back to London Fields for drinks at and around The Cat and Mutton.

We really hope to see everyone down for what’s set to be a great night

Oh and the weather looks decent!!

Oakley #INRESIDENCE X Eastlondonfixed

Over the next few months we will be hosting road and track rides for Oakley ‪#‎inresidence‬ each saturday.

Meeting at The Workshop:LDN in Exmouth Market EC1 at 10:00am for pre-ride Prufrock Coffee, bike talk and tune ups from the Seabass Cycles crew.

We will head out around 11:00am for rides ranging from beginners to expert. You can find out more information and sign up onto a ride on in the calender section. See you then!

Meanwhile be sure to check out the many other interesting bicycle related topics going on with courses from London Bike Kitchen and Bicycle Film Festival screenings.

Located on Exmouth Market EC1.

N.S.E Series – Details

Hey everyone. So this is a follow up to our previous post regarding N.S.E series. We are all very excited and thought we’d feed more information to clear some questions and possibly encourage more people to take park. We’ve designed events in such way that you need to be all rounder, which makes things more exciting

First a foremost this is a social event where we want as many people to sign up as possible. We think there are not enough events like this in London and its just pure fun to take part and push yourself to the limit.

Events dates and locations:

Hill climb sprint – 15th of May held in Swaine’s Lane and Alexandra Palace.

Best Trick – 19th June held at Cutty Sark, Greenwich

Point to point race – 17th July held in Stratford


Prior to entering any event you will have to sign T&C’s. Fixed gear only. Brakes ALLOWED. Price for entering is £8 on eastlondonfixed website (MERCH SECTION). £10 on the day of the event. You are allowed to enter any individual event only, for £10 (that kind of ruins your chances but gives you great fun)

Point system:

In each event you will accumulate ponts in this order:
1st – 10 points
2nd – 8 points
3rd – 6 points
4th – 4 points
5th – 2 points

The winner will be the one with the most amount of points after all three events.


We are still working hard on finalizing the prices. What we know is that we have Aventon Diamond frame as a top prize and more stuff coming from our awesome supporters at BrickLaneBikes, LeCoq Sportiff, Ass Savers.

Spread the word. Tell people to get involved.